Within the research activities of the company the following publications came up:

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November 2010
EPIS Ltd was chosen as an official distributor of Brightlight in Greece and Cyprus.

November 2009
EPIS Ltd completed the implementation of the EUROPEAN PROFILES S.A. web portal

March 2009
Implementation of Web Access in the Digital Archive of E.L.S. (National Greek Opera)

December 2008
EPIS L.t.d. implements new digital photo service in the frame of the action e-Services.

December 2008
The EPIS has undertaken a study for the National Greek Opera

November 2008
EKFRASI- An Innovative Solution to the writing process

October 2008
The new web site of EPIS L.t.d. is up and running

October 2008
EPIS performs a project for the Greek National Opera in collaboration with the PRISMA S.A.

September 2008
Development of an application of cultural content documentation for the National Greek Opera.


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